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The book Selbuvotter, author Anne Bårdsgård The SELBUVOTTER project was started by Anne Bårdsgård in 2013. The goal of the project was to collect local selbu mitten patterns, and to create replicas of as many different mittens as possible.

The SELBUVOTTER collection consists of more than 500 different pairs of mittens. All the mittens are knitted after old patterns. Some patterns are copied directly from registered mittens, others are kopied from photographs, and many are knitted after old pattern sheets and "rose books".

The mittens are knitted by:
Solveig Borseth, Solveig Evjemo, Jorun Skrødal, Marit Renå, Ann-Mari Aas, Paula Petrine Borseth, Joril Solli, Gerd Oline Uthus, Liv Ranum, Anne Bårdsgård, Ingeborg Grønseth, Grete Hjelmeland, Målfrid Tangen, Solfrid Mjøen, Mia Gjessing, Bodil Græsli og Reidun Sesseng.

Sheperd's Knitting and Needle Binding mittens are made by Marit Veflingstad Rød.

Noen av strikkerne til Selbuvotter-boka

The collection resulted in a touring exhibition and the book SELBUVOTTER, which was released in August 2016.

The collection is now on permanent exhibit in Selbu Bygdemuseum.